#testingtechnews - Smart List for software testing makes you a Rookies

#testingtechnews - Smart List for software testing makes you a Rookies

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Shorter Is Better: Why Test Runtime Is The Key To Effective Continuous Testing

For all the variables involved with continuous testing, nothing is more central to the success or failure of an initiative than test run time.

Green Cloud Computing : Techniques every QA should know

It’s important for QA practitioners to take a look at green computing and employ its techniques in quality assurance practices

Top 5 Challenges in Automation Testing and Analytics (and How to Overcome Them) - DZone DevOps

As teams make their way towards effective continuous testing, achieving good test automation and analysis using best practices is key to that success.

5 Ways to Get Started With Codeless Selenium | Perfecto

If you want to get started with codeless testing, look no further. Codeless automation testing is perfect for manual tests that are either hard to implement, require greater in-house skills, or are “flaky” and continuously lead to inconsistent results. Codeless Selenium is ideal for teams that are continually running into stability issues within their testing pipeline. Teams that have a hard time meeting their iteration testing timelines and have a low percentage of test automation in their pipeline due to limited coding skills should also explore codeless Selenium.

What to Look for in a Codeless Automation Tool | Java Code Geeks - 2019

Interested to learn more about Automation Testing? Then check out our detailed article on 3 Features To Look For in a Codeless Automation Testing Tool!

Move into better QA with shift left and shift right testing

Traditional QA causes traditional problems -- namely, bottlenecks and long bug resolution times. Shift left and shift right testing aim to solve those problems, as these approaches make developers ...

Browser Level Performance Testing Using Element

For the past couple of years, I've heard more and more folks talk about using UI browser-based automation tools for performance testing as an alternative

5 Ways to Get Started With Codeless Selenium | Perfecto

Become more efficient in test creation with codeless Selenium. Learn the benefits of codeless testing and get actionable steps for starting codeless automation.

5 Businesses Using Automation to Get Ahead | EuroSTAR Huddle

Organizations systematize processes and operations through technology to produce more desirable outcomes. Automation can lead to greater operational efficiencies, reduced risk, lower cost, and a better end-product or customer experience. These enhanced outcomes can produce returns that make investments in …

Be smart and automate testing - Fourth Source

In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, most companies would agree that test automation is crucial to business success. It promises to increase the depth

How to explain Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in plain English

What is robotic process automation (RPA)? What kinds of tasks can it handle? Here’s a primer for IT and business leaders – and anyone needing to demystify the concept.

Seven Excuses Software Testers Need to Stop Making

Last summer, I read an interesting book called Extreme Ownership .  Written by two Navy SEAL officers, it describes the concept of taking re...

Continuous Testing Blog for Mobile And Web Apps

We are already deep in 2019, and it is quite clear that 2019 is set to be a pivotal year around multiple growing trends and technologies. In this short blog, I'd like to unfold (Hint Hint) some of them, and highlight both the benefits around them as well as the impact that they might have on software testing.

10 stress-free steps to fix even the scariest bugs

Fixing production bugs is often daunting because of the way developers react to them. It doesn't have to be that way.

Artificial Intelligence: Is It Going To Kill Your Job?

There are many random perceptions about Artificial Intelligence. Not just perceptions; many people fear as well about losing their job due to artificial intelligence. To be specific, the testing professionals often remain in doubts about whether artificial...

Embedding Accessibility into the DevOps Process - DevOps.com

Integrating accessibility into DevOps doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are several simple steps for getting started.

eBook: How to Keep Your Test Automation Suite Fit | UKSTAR Huddle

Sometimes test automation can get bloated, leading to costs for maintaining and running them that far outweigh their benefits...

Why Manufacturing Companies Should Be Using DevOps

What does the term really mean and, more importantly, how can manufacturing companies use DevOps to streamline their own success and ongoing development?

Why Testers Need Chaos Engineering

What is Chaos Engineering? If this is the first time you’re hearing about Chaos Engineering, you might be wondering what it even is. It was explained very

7 Tips for QA Software Testers To Write A Perfect Cover Letter | EuroSTAR Huddle

QA job market is becoming more and more crowded and is competitive at interviews. Here are 7 Tips for QA Software Testers To Write A Perfect Cover Letter

What Was Your Best Testing Advice? [INFOGRAPHIC] | TestCraft

We asked our LinkedIn followers about the best testing advice they received while growing their careers in QA. Here are some of our favorite responses.

Explore Galore! 30 Tips to Supercharge your Exploratory Testing Efforts

Read the latest article from The Testing Planet Explore Galore! 30 Tips to Supercharge your Exploratory Testing Efforts by Simon Tomes

Why You Should Explore More Test Automation Models

I’m excited to publish part two of Lisa Crispin's (Mabl) three-part series on modeling your test automation strategy. Check out part one Test Automation

Top 7 Open Source Load and Performance Testing Tools

Enhance the performance of your application with the help of these top 7 open source load and performance testing tools.

Moving up the testing leadership ladder: 3 lessons learned | TechBeacon

I've learned many lessons while trying to move up the leadership ladder. Here are three tips to help you advance.

Is Performance and Site Reliability Testing Needed?

Hi! I’m Joe, the host of GuildConferences, and I want to let you know about the 2nd Annual PerfGuild, an online conference, and community dedicated to

Kill more bugs! Add randomization to your web testing

Use random clicking to expand your automation approach and mitigate the risks associated with hard-to-enumerate application scenarios.

Selenium vs. Codeless Automation | Codeless Testing | Perfecto

Selenium is complex and requires a developer. Codeless automation is simple and can be done by QA. Learn more and see which option your team should choose.

Using Jupyter Notebooks with Selenium and Ruby - WonderProxy Blog

Brendan Connolly explains why Jupyter Notebooks are a valuable tool for test authoring, and shares some tips for getting started with Selenium and Ruby.

Food for Thought - Testing a Coffee Cup

  Which Test Cases would you write for Testing a Coffee Cup? Have you ever come across such questions? :) Well; as a begin...

Software Testing Podcasts by KiwiQA

Welcome to KiwiQA Podcast, delivering fundamentals of software testing to help you build your knowledge and navigate the world of software testing. by kiwiqa

Top 10 API Testing Tools

API testing is a critical element for any Automation Testing. To test your API, there are multiple API testing tools are available online. Check out the top 10 API testing tools which you should know about.

Intelligent Automation Still Mired In Pilot Stages, Study Finds

Many artificial intelligent and other projects get stunted in pilot mode and fail to deliver the intended results.

Quality of the Testing Services Offered by KiwiQA Spurs GoodFirms

KiwiQA gets enlisted among the best QA testers worldwide. Owing to its testing services in secure transactions, GoodFirms also ranks it among the best companies for app security testing and is soon expected to be added in the prestigious list of best software testing companies at GoodFirms.

Test Consulting Services

#softwaretesting #QA #Testconsulting *** Links and Resources **** Facebook PAGE — We do a daily post on software testing industry. https://www.facebook.com/k...

Selenium vs. Codeless Automation | Codeless Testing | Perfecto

Selenium is complex and requires a developer. Codeless automation is simple and can be done by QA. Learn more and see which option your team should choose.

Quality Assurance and Testing is a bottleneck to implementing DevOps for many organizations - Help Net Security

Continuous Testing is gaining ground in large enterprises, with almost a third of IT executives stating that their IT departments had fully embraced it.

Visual Testing with Gwen and AppliTools

AppliTools have made visual UI testing extremely simple with their online service. Automating basic visual tests with their Eyes SDK involves just three essential activities: Starting a new visual …

Press Release: KiwiQA Announces Partnership with CyberIt AS

Sydney, Australia based- KiwiQA, the leading software testing company, today announced that it has partnered with CyberIt AS to expand its global presence to Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania region.

5 Steps for Successful Continuous Testing Implementation - DevOps.com

By Sushil Kumar on Continuous integration (CI) calls for code to be always working. Continuous delivery (CD) and continuous deployment mean that we must be able to roll out a working configuration to production at any time. As DevOps becomes the norm, bugs in production are now a developer's personal problem.

Types of software testing - an incomplete guide! - Software Testing News

Types of software testing! It's hard to complete a definitive list of all the types of software testing there possibly are - but here we list a few

Code less, test more: codeless automation - Fourth Source

For a discipline that’s sometimes seen as “the dull but necessary” part of software development, there have been plenty of steps forward in the testing

Manual testing in DevOps & QA - Software Testing News

Manual testing in DevOps & QA. With the sheer volume of tools available, it’s safe to say we are living in a golden age of software.

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#testingtechnews - Software Testing Webinars in History

The webinar of software testing loved by hosts and attendees.

Top IoT Testing Tools that Support MQTT

Before we jump right to the internet of things (IoT) testing tools, I think it will help to do a quick overview of the two most common protocols used for

Perfecto proffers 'perfected' codeless automation testing

Everything (in software) these days is about automation and low-code, no-code platforms with AI-enriched cloud-based intelligent data analytics services, right? Bringing at least two of those factors together (if not three) this week is web application testing solutionsPerfecto, now a Perforce Software company.

Applying Artificial Intelligence in the Agile World

The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) systems with the agile world is having a disruptive effect on how we build software and the types of products that we build, said Aidan Casey. By combining machine learning and deep learning we can build applications that truly learn like humans. AI bias is a very serious concern, as AI systems are only as good as the data sets used to train them.

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#testingtechnews - Software Testing Blogs Beat Peanut Butter

Great Software Testing Blogs You Probably Don't Follow. Find Quality assurance blogs, Automation testing blogs, software testing tools, software testing blog and many more.

Culture & Methods – the State of Practice in 2019

The latest Culture and Methods Topic Graph shows the topics that the editorial team feels are gaining traction and should be explored at the beginning of 2019.

Soap Opera Testing - Bug Hunter Sam

What is it? Soap Opera Testing is a dramatised method used for testing your business processes. You might want to try it for a super-condensed and thorough way of highlighting bugs. And because it’s fun. Embrace the drama. Origins Cem Kaner has been writting about scenario testing for a long time. He published this article […]

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#testingtechnews - Software Testing Tutorials by the Numbers

Learn Software Testing in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced. Free online Software Testing Tutorial.

Rigorously testing performance across multi-tier architecture: The case for introducing principles of functional testing to performance

Performance testing has earned its rightful place in the testing pyramid, and the damage done by poor performance to an organisation?s baseline highlights the need to get it right. A quarter of users will abandon a webpage that takes four seconds to ...

Automation Testing Made Easy: Tools, Tips & Training Awesomeness

Automation Testing, like all development efforts, is difficult. Most projects don’t succeed. You can do better! Discover automation testing awesomeness.

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#testingtechnews - Will Software Testing Video Ever Rule the World

Interactive Knowledge-base for QA & Testers. Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a video library. Best Sofware testing Video Tutorials and Test Tutorials for Manual Testing, Test Automation etc.

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#testingtechnews - Pen Testing Blogs Can Help You Predict the Future

A comprehensive summary of the day's most important blog posts and news articles from the best PenTest websites.

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#testingtechnews- Software Testing Conferences are Killing You

With these top software testing conferences, you and your team can keep their skills and knowledge up to date related to the software testing industry.

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#testingtechnews - QA Testing Twitters Can Help You Live a Better

Here's a list of the software testing accounts you should be following or that should liven up your feed on Twitter for software testing.

Software Testing Magazine Unit Functional Load Agile DevOps

As traditional knowledge sharing is no longer an effective way to deliver great software, the presenter has modified the mob programming concept to mob testing to improve the way teams communicate. This innovative approach to software testing allows the whole software development team to share every piece of information early on.

Fragmented test automation landscape slows adoption of continuous testing - DevOps Online

New report reveals that Quality Assurance and Testing is a bottleneck to implementing DevOps and Continuous Delivery for many organisations

Software Testing and Development Blog Posts

The Evil Tester - A Software Testing and Development Blog covering Test Automation, Exploratory Testing, Technical Testing, Selenium WebDriver, API Testing.

‘CODELESS’ TEST AUTOMATION - Software Testing News

The requirement for test automation has never been greater, with many organisations moving towards Continuous Delivery and DevOps regimes. With these rapid Build/Deploy cycles, test automation has become critical to success, removing the manual testing bottleneck is critical to keeping shorter cycle times. Fundamentally, the challenge of test automation can be described as; how to articulate a test...

What the C-Suite Wants: Communicating the Importance of Quality Assurance to Executives - QASymphony

Learn how to communicate the importance of quality assurance to executives and maximize C-suite's involvement in QA initiatives with help from QASymphony.

Make Sure to Follow These Five DevOps Practices

For many companies, DevOps culture has completely changed the way they think about development. Though the DevOps movement is relatively recent, it has been embraced by a wide spectrum of enterpris…

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#testingtechnews - QA Product Companies Could Get You on omg! In

The active software testing product company news that delivers wisdom along with fun to keep you up-to-date on recent trends in the software testing domain.

Testers, while you were sleeping: The DevOps Tsunami

It is my experience that many software testers approach their careers as someone who sleeps well, unaware of the gathering tsunami about to hit their lives. This tsunami is DevOps, which introduced concepts like continuous Testing and is fast leading us to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Try and imagine what your testing team will look like as you embrace DevOps. Look at the faces around you and amount of people in your team. There is a good chance that most of your team (perhaps including you) are already redundant. Can you write code? Are you a technical tester? Do you know test automation and non-functional testing?During this talk, I will take the audience on the journey from classical testing, where it took us weeks and months to continue a testing cycle, to a world where testing can be done in mere minutes using Robots and Artificial Intelligence.

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