#testingtechnews - Pen Testing Blogs Can Help You Predict the Future

#testingtechnews - Pen Testing Blogs Can Help You Predict the Future

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The webinar of software testing loved by hosts and attendees.

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Great Software Testing Blogs You Probably Don't Follow. Find Quality assurance blogs, Automation testing blogs, software testing tools, software testing blog and many more.

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Learn Software Testing in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced. Free online Software Testing Tutorial.


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In this article, we learn how to use Merlin C2 tool. It is developed by Russel Van Tuyl in Go language. Merlin is a great cross-platform Command and control tool written in the Go language. It's made of two elements i.e. the server and agent. It works on the HTTP/2 protocol.

PENTESTING Archives - GBHackers On Security

Web Application Pentesting is a method of identifying, analyzing and Report the vulnerabilities which are existing in the Web application including buffer overflow, input validation, code Execution, Bypass Authentication, SQL Injection, CSRF, Cross-site scripting in the target web Application...

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This article will briefly explain methods behind the mobile malware unpacking. It will be focusing on Anubis since it is the latest trending malware for almost a year now. Actors use dropper applications as their primary method of distribution. Droppers find their ways to Google Play store under generic names thereby infecting devices with Anubis.

Blog - NotSoSecure

In this blog, Sunil Yadav, our lead trainer for “Advanced Web Hacking” training class, will discuss a case study where a Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability was identified and exploited to gain access to sensitive data such as the source code. Further, the blog discusses the potential areas which could... Read More


We recently completed the delivery of a Realistic Threat PCI focused Penetration Test for a large retail company. As is always the case, we don't share customer identifiable information, so specific details about this engagement have been altered to protect the innocent. For the sake of this article we'll call the customer Acme Corporation.

Penetration Testing Walkthrough - Threat Ninja

As most of us know, Penetration Testing will need to follow a few step in order to testing the server and network. Below are the...

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